Maximizing and Protecting Shareholder Value

In 2013, Commerce Bancshares continued to deliver on our strategic plan to provide a superior value proposition to both our customers and investors. Investors continue to value our consistent, strong financial performance, unique product mix, investment in growth opportunities and targeted geographical expansion.

Commerce Bancshares' enjoyed strong financial performance in 2013. Return on average assets totaled 1.2%, while return on average equity was 12.0%. This compares favorably to the top 50 bank industry average of 1% for return on average assets and 9% for return on average equity in 2013. Some other highlights include:

  • We paid a dividend of $.857 per share* in 2013, making this the 45th consecutive year regular cash dividends were increased. We have also paid a 5% stock dividend for the 20th year in a row.
  • Loans grew 11% this year, or $1.1 billion, to $11.0 billion. Consumer loans grew $396 million on continued growth in consumer residential and auto lending. Commercial loans grew $729 million on strong growth in business loans, tax-advantaged lending and leasing. Our expansion markets, including Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Denver, Dallas, Nashville and Cincinnati, grew loans by 23%.
  • Our national commercial card business grew revenue 14% to $81 million in 2013, as a result of strong new customer sales and greater usage by our existing customers.
  • Our trust and asset management business also grew 8%, with revenue of $103 million.
*Restated for December 2013 5% stock dividend.


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