Franchise Financing

Competitive Rates and Personalized Service makes Commerce Bank a Great Choice for Franchise Financing.

Commerce will work with you to achieve your franchise goals. Whether you already have multiple locations, or you’re a prospective franchisee you can count on Commerce to be your financial resource for improvements, equipment upgrades or acquisitions.
  • Competitive Rates — We invite you to compare
  • Personalized Service — Our Super Community banking model means we offer the services of a major financial institution, but with a local banking approach that puts you first
  • Experienced Lenders — We understand your business

How We Can Help You

Trust Commerce for the franchise financial products and services you need:

We’re Accessible

A Commerce branch is always close to your location, with multiple locations in the major metropolitan areas as well as in smaller towns within your region. You’ll enjoy a one-on-one relationship with your banker, and benefit from our experience working with your business. You’ll have a professional on your side.

Learn More

We promise to ask questions to understand your business, listen to your objectives and opportunities, and solve with products and services to meet your goals.

For more information finding what you need for your franchise, please contact:
Diane Wier (816) 234-7388 or Angela Wright (816) 234-2028


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