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Commercial Cards

Commerce Bank offers a variety of Commercial Card products for businesses of all sizes.

Select the credit card that best fits your needs:

Card Benefits to Your Organization Features

Visa® Commercial Card

  • Use for any business-related transaction, from office supplies to airline tickets
  • Manage a single card program, decrease card administration and improve data management
  • Use for travel and entertainment, procurement, and fleet spending
  • Restrict cards to certain types of purchases or set spending limits by department, division, or employee
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Visa® Purchasing Card

  • Streamlines the procurement process by eliminating purchase orders, invoices and checks
  • Use spending data to negotiate preferred supplier and volume discounts
  • Use for a variety of business related expenses such as tracking and managing projects and department expenses
  • Monitor and control employee spending with daily, monthly and per transaction spending limits
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Visa® Corporate Card

  • Provides travelers a convenient way to pay for all of their business expenses
  • Streamlines expense reporting
  • Electronically submit expense reports
  • Integrates transaction data into expense reporting systems and accounting or financial applications
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Visa® Business Platinum Card

  • Separate business expenses from personal expenses
  • Eliminate the need for petty cash and use of personal funds
  • Individual employee credit lines with a combined credit limit up to $25,000
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Visa® Business Rewards Card

  • Separate business from personal expenses
  • Set individual credit lines for employees
  • Flexible rewads options including merchandise, airline miles, gift cards and more!
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