Vendor Enrollment

Commerce Bank is a full circle payment processor that offers both issuing and payment acceptance services.  As a result, our employees have a unique understanding of both your needs and those of your vendors as well.  Unlike most other A/P solution providers, we have a Vendor Enrollment team to do the heavy lifting by enrolling vendors on your behalf.

Since this is the dedicated role of each team member, we can reach farther into your vendor list than most other A/P providers who offer vendor enrollment. Our Vendor Enrollment Team contacts additional viable candidates, thus generating more A/P spend
and maximizing your revenue share potential.*

Your vendors benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Guaranteed funds
  • Reduced A/R collection costs
  • No credit check or credit limit required
  • Improved cash forecasting
  • Increased loyalty


  • Revenue share is based on transaction volume
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