Employee Benefit Plans

Help your employees make the most of their retirement years by selecting Commerce Bank for your employee benefit plan. Our professionals use sound investment philosophy and current best practices to structure pension, profit-sharing and 401(k) plans that meet your organization's needs. With our management experience and focus on employee education, we can help reduce your administrative burden, while enhancing employees' understanding of their opportunities and options.


Take advantage of our decades of experience in asset management to provide your employees with a Commerce 401(k) plan. For plan sponsors who desire multiple-fund family choices, our 401(k) Connections program offers alternatives to match individual needs and risk tolerances. Our enrollment kits, seminars and newsletters help employees understand their options, whatever their stage in life.

Pension Fund Management

Our team-oriented, disciplined approach to equity and fixed-income management has guided our work as pension fund managers for more than 80 years. Our performance reports demonstrate our success in producing competitive returns.

Profit Sharing & Pension Plan

Reward performance and build employee retention by establishing a profit sharing or pension plan. When you work with Commerce's investment team, a knowledgeable relationship manager will guide you through the process and manage the results.

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