Patient payment processing simplified.

Commerce Point-of-Care®

Secure More Payments at the Point of Care

Simplify the way patients pay for care at your organization with Commerce Point-of-Care®. Our innovative cloud-based healthcare payment solution streamlines the payment collection process: Obtain card authorization and take payment at the point of care before the patient leaves your office. Collect the estimated patient responsibility owed and reduce the need for additional post-care billing and invoicing.

As the healthcare delivery system continues transitioning to a consumer-driven approach, many patients may find themselves responsible for more of their total cost of care. Commerce Bank revenue cycle management systems allow you to boost patient receivables by securing payment arrangements before the patient leaves. Commerce Point-of-Care® employs an eligibility estimator tool to refine the estimated out-of-pocket responsibility and help patients anticipate what they will owe.

Customize Your Patient Experience

Verify insurance eligibility.

Verify insurance eligibility.

Conduct real-time inquiries on more than 1,400 Payers for a patient’s benefits status.
Authorize the patient's out-of-pocket responsibility for deductible and co-insurance.

Calculate amount patient owes.

Authorize the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility for deductible and co-insurance.
Comprehensive payment acceptance methods give your patients flexibility.

Obtain patient payment info.

Comprehensive payment acceptance methods give your patients flexibility.
A variety of ways to pay with our secure payment systems

A variety of ways to pay.

  • Immediate settlement of known dollar amounts, like copays and outstanding balances.
  • Future settlement of calculated out-of-pocket cost.
  • Payment plan for scheduled recurring payments.




Improve cash flow Improve patient satisfaction
Reduce expenses from billing redundancies Reduce post-visit billing
Minimize bad debt Real-time estimates
Integrate with practice management systems Allows payment plans

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Improve the Financial Process and Cash Flow for Your Patients

35% of working-age adults who said they had problems paying their medical bills in the last 12 months.

of working-age adults said they had problems paying their medical bills in the last 12 months

Source: Commonwealth Fund, 2014

I've been very happy with Commerce Point-of-Care(R); I think it's made a lot of work on the backend easier, and seems easier for our clients as well. - Jennifer Westerberg.  Owner, Core Strategies PT

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