Private Label Gift Cards

Private Label Gift Cards offer you a payment option in driving additional revenue. Once reserved for only the biggest retail chains, your business can now have a proven marketing program driven by your most loyal customers.

  • High demand - Customers like plastic.  Gift cards generate 2 to 10 times more sales than paper gift certificates.
  • Effective advertising - People are reminded of your store every time they open their wallet and see your card.
  • Revenue generator - 75% of customers spend 60% more than face value when paying by gift card.
  • Personalized support - You can access or receive daily and monthly reports of your gift card activity via the Internet.
  • Breakage - Money that is spent purchasing a gift card, but hasn't been exchanged for actual goods.
  • Builds loyalty - Gift cards are a great way to obtain repeat customers.

Getting started is easy. You can choose one of our card designs or customize your own.

View the Commerce Bank Gift Cards PDF for additional information.

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