Leasing Services

CBI Leasing – Commerce Bank's leasing group – offers a comprehensive array of leasing/financing alternatives for domestic mid and large-sized companies, including:

  • Tax-oriented and Finance Leases – Leases where CBI retains the tax benefits providing you with reduced rental payments or finance-oriented leases that allow you to depreciate the equipment and claim other ownership-related tax benefits.
  • Operating Leases – Leases that are treated as off-balance-sheet transactions under current accounting rules.
  • Synthetic Leases – An operating lease for accounting purposes however you retain the ownership-related tax benefits.
  • Municipal Leases and Tax-Exempt Conduits – A lease that allows government entities to obtain equipment, vehicles, and other assets at cost-effective interest rates.
  • Trac and Split-Trac Leases –Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) and Split-Trac leases are tax-oriented leases for titled vehicles. Lease-end purchase options are established at fixed amounts.
  • Corporate Aircraft Leases and Loans – Lease and loan options that offer companies significant benefits when managing balance sheets and cash reserves, while helping manage the cost of aircraft acquisitions.

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