Depository Services

Improve access to your cash flow and meet your daily cash needs with depository services from Commerce Bank.

Businesses with multiple locations, multiple bank accounts and significant cash business may find it difficult to get an accurate picture of their cash position, much less take advantage of investment opportunities or efficiencies gained by better control of their cash flow. Commerce offers multiple secure solutions for managing deposits.

Cash Concentration Account – allows you to consolidate funds from throughout your organization into a central account. This consolidated account provides better control of cash flow, facilitating smarter investment and borrowing decisions based on your total cash position.

Zero Balance Account – enables you to track your total cash position through a single parent account, while maintaining the functional integrity of different accounts. All accounts linked to the parent may perform normal disbursement and depositing functions, while maintaining a daily zero balance or other specified "peg" balance.

Image Cash Letter – provides the ability to make check deposits from the convenience of your company’s office/location, leveraging your company’s existing infrastructure and capital investment in check imaging and processing equipment. Check image and transaction data are collected and transmitted directly to Commerce Bank, providing extended cut-off times for end-of-day processing. Checks are processed and deposited electronically.

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