Email Alerts

Learn immediately when unauthorized ACH transactions post to your company's accounts with alerts from Commerce Bank. Likewise, Positive Pay notifications alert you to suspect check items. Additionally, you can receive notifications on wires that come in or are sent out of your account. And receive alerts on your controlled disbursement totals each morning.

  • ACH Positive Pay – Identify unauthorized transactions by receiving an email notification when ACH items are received for your accounts that meet your pre-established criteria.
  • Positive Pay – Receive instant notification when checks presented for payment do not match the files you submit.
  • Wires – Manage funds with up-to-the-minute precision with text or email notifications on incoming or outgoing wires. Specify whether you’d like to view all wires, or just wires over a certain dollar amount.
  • Controlled Disbursement – Monitor presentments with daily totals sent via email each morning.

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