Change In The Processing Of Certain Visa® Check Card Transactions

Information updated as of 09/18/2012

Please Read To Avoid Unexpected Overdraft Or Insufficient Funds Fees

If you use your Visa Check Card without entering a PIN, pay attention to the following change in the way we process these transactions to avoid unexpected overdraft or insufficient funds fees.

There are two basic ways to pay with a debit card. When you authorize a transaction by entering your personal identification number, or PIN, your bank account is debited on the same or next business day. If you do not use your PIN (in which case you may or may not sign a sales slip), the actual withdrawal from your account occurs later--usually within three days.

When we approve a non PIN transaction, we may immediately reduce the available balance in your account by the authorization amount requested by the merchant, which may differ from the final posted amount. These funds will not be available for the payment of checks, PIN transactions, recurring payments or automatic transfers you may have authorized, online bill payments, bank fees and any other debits that post to your account. In order to avoid overdraft or insufficient funds fees, be certain that you have sufficient available funds to cover all outstanding debits to your account. This practice can apply to any transaction regardless of the type of transaction or merchant.

Will All Non Pin Transactions Immediately reduce my available balance?
Authorizations from all merchants may immediately reduce your available balance.  Please keep in mind that authorizations from certain merchant types may differ from the actual transaction amount. For example, hotels, car rentals and other travel related merchants may estimate the amount of the transaction for purposes of obtaining an authorization. Authorizations from these merchant types will immediately reduce your available balance and will be shown as a pending transaction in Online Account Access.  Please keep track of your account balance in order to avoid overdraft situations where the final transaction amount is more than the initial authorization hold.

Will Non Pin transactions at a gas pump immediately reduce my available balance?
Some participating gas stations will send us the exact amount of your purchase at the pump within two hours. These types of transactions will immediately reduce your available balance and be posted to your account. For those gas stations that continue to authorize based on the estimated amount of your transaction, Commerce will continue to exclude them, and they will not be shown as a pending transaction in Online Account Access.

Where can I obtain a list of Visa Check Card transactions that I have made before they post to my account?
Our Online Account Access is a convenient way to review the Visa Check Card transactions made by you or joint owners on your account. It lists pending transactions, which include transactions which the bank has authorized but that have not yet posted to your account. Both PIN and most non PIN transactions show as pending. This information enables you to keep track of your spending and not exceed the available funds in your account. Please note that if you leave a tip at a restaurant or bar, the amount of the pending transaction may differ from the final posted amount.

Can a Visa Check Card transaction be removed from the list of pending transactions before the transaction posts to my account?
For non PIN transactions, the authorization amount will not be available to you until our receipt of the transaction OR no more than three business days after the transaction date, whichever first occurs. Non PIN Visa Check Card transactions may be removed from pending transactions during this period. Non PIN transactions made on Thursday, Friday and Saturday may be removed from pending transactions more quickly than three business days. You are responsible for an authorized Visa Check Card transaction that posts to your account even if it has been removed from pending transactions.

What if I do not recognize the name of the merchant on a pending transaction?
Generally, the merchant name on the transaction will match the name on your receipt. However, there are occasions when a merchant authorization is submitted using a corporate name that differs or is abbreviated from the receipt or the name you recognize. For example, a transaction at Pizza Hut® may be shown as “Store 5897” or a purchase at McDonalds® may be shown as “McD Corp. xxx”.

Why is the Transaction Date different from the date I made the purchase?
In general, the Transaction Date shown in Online Account Access or on your bank statement is the date you did the transaction. However, it may be the next business day if you made the purchase after the cut off time for Visa Check Card transactions or if the transaction occurred on a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday. The dates could also vary dependent on how the merchant processed the transaction with Visa.

Why is the credit for an item I returned to a store not showing as a pending transaction?
The credit will not show as a pending transaction. It will post to your account when the merchant submits it.

Why are there multiple pending transactions for the same purchase?
Multiple transactions may occur if a merchant sends more than one authorization for the same purchase causing your balance to be reduced for each authorization sent. If you feel an authorization was placed in error, please contact us at (800) 617-7480.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 453-2265.


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