Make a loan payment it's fast and easy!

Choose the payment option that works best for your personal installment loan.

  • Make a payment from your Commerce checking account
    • 24/7 access online or by phone
    • Log in to Online Banking or call 800-453-2265
    • Your payment is credited on the same day if made before 7 p.m. CT
  • Make a payment from a checking account at another financial institution
    • Non-refundable bill pay fee of $4.95 applies
    • 24/7 access
    • Call 866-658-9333
    • Your payment is credited on the next business day
  • Make a payment at your Commerce branch during business hours
    • Your payment is credited on the same day


  • To send an email that contains confidential information, please visit the Secure Message Center where there are additional instructions about whether to use Secure Email or Online Banking messaging.