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Businesses today are looking for a better solution for their card processing information. They need fast, accurate information at their fingertips. Commerce Bank Merchant Services offers the solution you need for your credit card processing information through Business TrackSM Reporting, a secure, Internet-based service that provides you complete control of your bankcard transaction data.

This unique information tool is designed to deliver requested information about your merchant account directly to your personal computer. Simply log in to the Business Track Reporting web site and interact with a large, centralized database of payment processing information.

Using Business Track Reporting, you can:

  • Reconcile your business checking account
  • Investigate and resolve chargebacks
  • Track and audit transactions
  • Identify non-qualified transactions
  • Analyze business trends to reduce processing expenses
  • Create your own market segments and run scheduled reports
  • Generate and send scheduled reports via email or by fax

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