TransArmor Tokenization and Encryption Solution

TransArmor is a powerful security solution that protects payment card data throughout the entire transaction process. The data is protected by two layers of security, known as encryption and tokenization.

Encryption is the first layer of security as it protects the data moving through your systems prior to authorization. Tokenization is the second layer and it removes the card data from your environment by replacing the primary account number with a randomly generated data substitute, known as a token.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce card data vulnerability and merchant liability
  • Minimize PCI DSS compliance costs
  • Increase IT resource efficiency

How it Works

  1. Consumer presents card at point of sale.
  2. Prior to transmission, card data is encrypted.
  3. Third party data center decrypts the data.
  4. During the authorization process, the Primary Account Number is assigned random tokens.
  5. TransArmor solution pairs the authorization response with the same token number.
  6. Merchant stores the random-number token on its system and uses it for future processes.
TransArmor Tokenization and Encryption Solution

View the Commerce Bank TransArmor PDF for additional information.

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