Family Administration and CFO Services

Commerce Family Office serves as a chief financial officer or "CFO" for the family. We oversee and manage various aspects of a family's day-to-day financial affairs, as delegated by the family. Families value this service because it frees them from daily administrative burdens. Plus, it puts us in a position to provide an organized structure and help the family better understand its financial condition.

Our Family Administration and CFO Services offering includes:

  • Family balance sheet and income statement management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Income tax projections and preparation
  • Real and personal property oversight
  • Collaboration with all family advisors
  • Foundation management
  • Bill pay and other daily needs
  • Concierge services

Our primary online system, Wealth Manager, is an industry-leading web-based portal for family offices and their advisors. It provides performance measurement reports to family members and their advisors, enabling them to make critical financial decisions for the family.

Wealth Manager features:

  • Real-time balance sheets
  • Asset and data aggregation
  • Customized data and reporting tools
  • Cash forecasting tools
  • Portfolio and market data
  • Consolidated performance reporting

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