Elder Services/Personal Financial Services

As partners with our clients, we strive to anticipate issues that some trust companies might consider "outside the realm" of the client relationship. We have undertaken endeavors as varied as finding a qualified real estate agent to sell a client's home to supervising the details of a client's transition from a private home to an assisted living center.

We have arranged for housekeepers, construction contractors, lawn services and hospital visits. We've tracked down long-misplaced assets, negotiated car leases and purchases, and even accompanied clients to outpatient surgery. And, sometimes, our unique contribution is nothing more or less than the companionship you'd expect of a long-time friend of the family.

The Personal Services Specialist

For those times when life gets the upper hand, some Commerce locations are able to offer a Trust Personal Services Specialist. In one location, for example, a licensed social worker (MSW) with more than a decade of experience researches and evaluates resources throughout the community that may be needed when life presents personal challenges beyond a client's ability to cope. Frequently, this specialist acts as companion, advocate and liaison for our elderly clients. This specialist also locates, recommends and even monitors specialized medical, hospice, respite and rehabilitation services for clients of any age who are challenged by permanent or temporary disability.


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