Estate, Charitable & Tax Planning Advisory

For anyone with a net worth exceeding $3,500,000, planning how to pass along your wealth is a balancing act. You must find a comfortable point somewhere between the desire to provide for the people and causes you cherish, and the federal and state estate taxes that can claim as much as two-thirds of your assets.

At The Commerce Trust Company, we have provided guidance on how to achieve this critical, and highly personal, point of equilibrium for decades. Working with your attorney and tax advisor, we can help you devise a combination of wills, trusts and other wealth-transfer techniques that minimize the challenge, while providing other specialized services you may need.

Like your key financial advisors, our Estate and Tax Planning Advisory consultants have in-depth knowledge of the tax laws that can erode your estate, both before and after death. On a daily basis, we advise affluent individuals and families in the use of the most common tools for keeping an estate intact. We also introduce them to topics, tools and techniques that are especially important for the affluent.

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