Real Estate Fiduciary Services

Our team of experts provides professional real estate property management to enhance your current and future returns. Among the professional services we can provide are:

  • Management responsibility for residential, commercial and agricultural real estate
  • Skilled coordination of the leasing and sale of real estate
  • Oversight of oil, gas and mineral interest management
  • Coordinate efforts to optimize estate/tax and general investment planning
  • Ongoing asset management of sale proceeds

Real estate services offered by Commerce Trust

  • Custody and safekeeping
  • Title services
  • Annual inspections
  • Triennial appraisals
  • Coordinate insurance coverage and payments
  • Review assessments and tax payments
  • Select tenants and negotiate leases
  • Income processing and distribution
  • Purchase and sell properties
  • Tax deferred exchanges


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  • Mutual funds, annuities, and other investment products:
    Not FDIC-insured May lose value No bank guarantee