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Borck Brothers

Wrinkle-free service.

Borck Brothers, Manhattan, Kansas

“I wish I would have switched merchant providers a long time ago.”

These words from Fred Borck, President of several businesses in Manhattan, Kansas – including Borck Brothers Men’s Wear, Dry Clean City and Wash Palace – help illustrate the importance that he places on having a convenient and dependable relationship with his bank.

“As a small business owner, it’s extremely meaningful to have a local person at my bank that I know and can call anytime I have a question. Commerce Bank’s customer service for our credit card processing has been superior to any other provider I’ve been with, and I’ve been in business for 40 years,” Fred shared. “My experience with other processors has not been without issues; the exception is Commerce Bank. Their merchant program is easy to understand, reliable and supported by a wide range of helpful customer support representatives.”

“My decision to go with Commerce was based on three things: a local presence, cost and customer service.”

While Commerce prides itself on accessibility and in-house customer support, it also thrives on creating efficiencies for its customers. Fred elaborated, “Since I own several businesses, we have found Commerce has dramatically reduced the time it takes for us to reconcile statements for all my locations. I also value the automatic PCI compliance reports that are done throughout the year on all my companies. I don’t have to do anything to generate these reports; I just get an email after each one notifying me of the results.”

“I’ve had many other companies ask for my merchant business, but I always decline. The behind-the-scenes assistance I receive from Commerce is amazing.”

Just like Fred, Commerce aims to suit everyone’s needs.

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